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A touching experience

A community of cuddlers

Hugz & Cuddlez is a community centered around healthy, warm and nurturing touch. We believe all human beings need human touch, and that it is essential for a healthy and happy life. To this end, we organize and run events where our members meet, socialize and enjoy group-cuddling in a warm, supportive, nurturing and safe environment. 


Touch is natural

From the day we are born, we crave touch and warmth. Babies cuddle with their parents; animals cuddle with their pack or herd. We all need it!

We all need touch

Some people cuddle with their partners or family, but not all of us can. If you live without someone to cuddle with, Hugz & Cuddlez may be just what you need to be happier and whole.

Touch is beneficial

Touch promotes our bodies to create oxytocin, a hormone that improves our health in countless ways. It helps with stress reduction, circulation and mood. Cuddling is good for you...it's scientific!

Touch is for everyone

Single or partnered, straight, gay, queer, man, woman, NB, CIS, Trans, or anything else. At Hugz & Cuddlez, you BELONG, no matter who you are.

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