About the Hugz & Cuddlez community

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Who we are

Hugz & Cuddlez is a community dedicated to touch. Founded in 2021, our members come together at our events to meet, socialize and cuddle in a warm, nurturing and safe atmosphere, where anyone is welcome. Our events take place regularly in various facilities at, near and around the city of Seattle, Washington.


What we do

Our leaders and volunteers organize events for the community regularly, where our members can come and cuddle. At our events, people participate in various activities, as they please. Some just socialize, others look to meet other like-minded individuals, and yet others focus on the cuddling experience. Our community is diverse, and so we organize themed events that cater to more specific tastes. These range from pot-luck meals, through entertainment-focused events (a movie screening or comedy show) and occasionally, adult-focused events.  


How to join our events

Our events are planned individually, and announced both here, and on FetLife, which is a social-media site used by the sex-positive community (the majority of our members are also part of that larger community). To provide our members with the safest environment, our events are not open to the general public, and to participate, we vet any potential guest personally and individually. Visit out events page to learn more about this, and to learn how to initiate the vetting process. 


Our history

The Pacific northwest's Cuddle community started many years ago as part of events organized by the Seattle Center for Sex-Positive Culture (The CSPC), which was founded by Allena Gabosch. At some CSPC events, members would sometimes initiate "cuddle piles" - an impromptu grouping of individuals who would cuddle together and enjoy a healthy touch experience while socializing. 

In 2018, a former CSPC member named Erez Benari, who missed that activity, started organizing regular events titled 'Canoodling' at an event-venue in Woodinville, where the primary activity was group-cuddling. The success of these events was phenomenal, sometimes attracting over 100 people. This led to the creation of a club named 'Spoonz', dedicated to these events. Spoonz operated in Seattle from September 2019 to March 2020, at which point it was required to cease operation due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and restrictions set-forth by the city of Seattle. As a result, Spoonz closed permanently. 

Towards the end of the pandemic, the cuddle community yearned to resume cuddling activity, and so Hugz & Cuddlez was created to facilitate it. At this point in time, H&C does not have a permanent location, and events are organized on an ad-hoc basis in-line with available facilities and the needs of the community. As these needs grow and activity grows, we look forward to creating a permanent location in the foreseeable future. 

We focus on creating the warmest, safest and most nurturing environment

At Hugz & Cuddlez, we work diligently to create an environment where everyone feels safe. We take numerous measures to regulate attendance of our events, both in terms of numbers, and in terms of the participants themselves (for example, by redirecting potential guests that appear to be a poor fit for our type of activity towards other venues, which might suit their needs better). We also carefully monitor and manage the activity at our events to make sure guests are not disruptive to other guests' experience. Our events feature state-of-the-art equipment that is carefully cleaned and maintained to provide both a pleasant experience, and a safe one. These are values we do not compromise on!