Support/Donate to us

As you may realize, Hugz & Cuddlez is a non-profit operation, and so donations from our guests allow us to operate and stay free. Read below to learn how your donations help, and how you can donate to support this community.

Why donate?

Hugz & Cuddlez operates on a non-profit basis, and so our events are offered for free (with rare exceptions, which occur when we use a commercial space that requires admission). However, our events do incur costs, from drinks and snacks, through laundry supplies to "hardware" like our sheets, mattresses and other accessories. At the vast majority of our events, guests are not required to pay, and may leave donations in our donation jar, if they choose to. Those funds sometime cover our costs, but often, they do not, and so could use your help. See below for info on how you can do so.

How to donate

As noted, all of our events have a donation jar, into which guests can contribute in cash. We also list our PayPal and Venmo addresses, which can be used to donate at any time, even outside of an event. 

Our guests who are able to, typically donate between $10 and $20 per participant, as best they can. 

If you would like to support our cause and organization, please consider doing so at our next event, or if you like, use the below button to donate using PayPal, or a Credit Card (with PayPal processing). If you prefer using Venmo or Zelle, contact us to arrange.