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More to see and do in the Pacific North West

While running our Hugz & Cuddlez events, we often come across individuals who are new to the sex-positive community, and have never heard of many of the venues and clubs we have in the region. The purpose of this post is to share an exhaustive list of these with everyone, with some info on each, so every one who is interested can hone-in on the events that are most relevant to them. Please note that this list is alphabetically sorted, and is not an endorsement of any specific place. Each of these places have have their critics and fans, and it's not our place to endorse or condemn them. Ultimately, we believe knowledge is power, and competition is bad (as in, places competing against each other to "win" market-share at the expense of others ultimately makes everything worse for everyone). We will do my best to update this when possible, and we welcome any suggestions or corrections that might make this list better and more useful.

Active places:

Located on Bremerton, this is a small kink club serving the local community. It operates mostly on weekends, and also is available for rental.

Arborea Falls
Located in east Woodinville (close to Duvall), this is a venue that hosts various sex-positive events, including kink events, vendor fairs and others (including Hugz & Cuddlez cuddle events). It is a magnificent private home with a dedicated dungeon, lush lawns and serene atmosphere.

Club Eros
Eros is a swinger's community, geared towards boomer-generation couples. It runs monthly swing parties at the Long House (see below), which usually feature a swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Club Sapphire
Sapphire is a club located in Tukwila, which hosts mostly Swinger events (2 per week). Weekend events are heavily attended, while weekday events offer more variety (they also host Hugz & Cuddle events).

The Center for Sex Positive Culture has been in existence for over 25 years, though it is far less active since ~2018. The CSPC hosts a variety of kink and sex events at Gallery Erato, which is owned by Pan Eros (see below).

Couple's cupid events
This is a Swinger's club that runs large-scale events at ad-hoc locations, such as hotels, resorts and cruises.

Impact Events Community
IEC is a BDSM focused group which runs monthly kink events at the Long House in Redmond (see below).

Pan Eros (formerly the FSPC)
Pan Eros is located in downtown Seattle, near Pioneer square, and hosts a variety of events, mostly classes and courses, as well as an annual festival known as SEAF (Seattle Erotic Arts Festival). They also are the home for all CSPC events (see above)

Pleasure-Bound Studios (PBS)
Located in Olympia, this kink-focused club runs various local events.

A kink club that runs regular events (including Hugz & Cuddlez events) and also serves as a studio for some adult productions.

The Long House
This is a sanctuary, retreat and community located in east-Redmond, and hosts events for numerous clubs and organizations, including club Eros (see above), The PSPG, Hugz & Cuddlez, and a few others.

The Pacific Sex Positive Group is a swinger's community geared towards boomer-generation couples, and runs monthly events at the Long House in Redmond.

The Swirl
The Swirl is a swingers club, located in Kent, and geared primarily towards people of color.

Whiplash Ranch
A 50 Acre ranch in Arlington, the Whiplash ranch runs large-scale kink events several times a year.

Defunct places:

Formerly a kink club in Bellingham, The BSPC has ceased operations shortly after the COVID pandemic started.

The Stream House
The Stream House operated from 2017 until the COVID pandemic, and was officially shut-down and offered for sale in Mid-2021