Want to run or host your own event?

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Cuddling is for everyone, everywhere

Our founder Erez has created this community with the dream of bringing group-cuddling to everyone, everywhere. To that end, our events are hosted at various clubs and venues all over the pacific northwest, from as north as Lake Stevens and as south as Olympia. But it doesn't need to end there! 


Your own event

If you are interested in having a cuddle event at your house, or other facility, we are always happy to expand. It doesn't take much, as our events are fully portable. We can come almost anywhere in the region, with 3-6 mattresses, pillows, and the rest of the equipment needed to do a cuddle event, so if interested, contact us to coordinate. All you really need is enough space to host 15 or more people. An ideal location would also have either abundant parking, or abundant public transportation. 


Cuddle events outside the PNW

As noted above, we are fully mobile, but if you are in another region, or even country, your people still deserve a good cuddle. If you are interested in hosting a cuddle event at your location, wherever that might be, we are here to help. While our ability to travel is limited (mostly due to time constraints), we are happy to consult, advise and support anyone who is aspiring to host cuddle events based on our model. Since our model is not-for-profit, we offer this help for free. If you are willing to adhere to our format (mostly referring to the vetting process), you would be welcome to use our name and brand as well, at no cost. 


How it works

Running a cuddle event can be time consuming, but it's not rocket science and our events are typically simple enough to not require more than one person to run an event (in the PNW, our founder Erez usually runs all the events with little to no help). Here is how this works:

- The event host finds locations to host events, and confirms they are suitable. 

- The event host creates a Fetlife event page, posts about it on our Fetlife group, and updates this website with date and location. Events typically start at 8pm and go on until 2am.

- The event host receives messages (through this website) from people wanting to get vetted, and vets them. This typically takes 10-20 minutes per guest. 

- The event host tracks attendance both via the Fetlife event listing, and manually (for guests who are not on Fetlife). Guests that are not vetted get a reminder to do so. 

- Before the event, the host acquires snacks, drinks and foods to serve during the event. This is typically light stuff; a combination of sweet and savory items. 

- On the day of the event, the host typically shows up about 1 hour before to setup mattresses, sheets, pillows, snacks and a donation jar. 

- During the event, the host greets each and every guest personally, to help them "fit in". That may include showing them around the facility, introducing them to other guests, helping them find a spot to sit or cuddle, so they feel at home right-away. Every guest must be treated like a VIP! This is a key to our events, and is crucial.

- During the event, the host monitors the room/s to make sure everything is smooth and everyone feels like they belong. The host might also intervene if there are any issues, consent violations, maintenance/supply issues or any other needs by the guests.

- At the end of the event, the host packs and cleans up everything. 

Depending on the venue, any donations received are meant to cover the costs of snacks, food and drinks that may have been served, as well as rent or use fees, if there are any. If the event is at a person's home, any money left over after expenses are typically given to the person as a gesture of good-will. 

Reading the above, you might be thinking "what's in it for me?". Well, if money is what you're after, then this is probably not for you. While some of our events might generate some cash if the guests are generous, financial gains should not be a goal for organizers. We do it to bring people together; to give them an opportunity to cuddle and enjoy a healthy touch, and to make the world a better place (even if just for a few hours). If this sort of thing motivates you, then you are one of us! Hit us up to discuss and let's make this happen!

We focus on creating the warmest, safest and most nurturing environment

At Hugz & Cuddlez, we work diligently to create an environment where everyone feels safe. We take numerous measures to regulate attendance of our events, both in terms of numbers, and in terms of the participants themselves (for example, by redirecting potential guests that appear to be a poor fit for our type of activity towards other venues, which might suit their needs better). We also carefully monitor and manage the activity at our events to make sure guests are not disruptive to other guests' experience. Our events feature state-of-the-art equipment that is carefully cleaned and maintained to provide both a pleasant experience, and a safe one. These are values we do not compromise on!